Hi, I'm Lee!

I am a freelance web developer


Hi, I'm Lee, a web developer with a passion for problem solving. My expertise include HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, AJAX, JSON), PHP & MySQL as well as specialising in "Mobile First Design" and "Single Page Apps" (SPA).

I am passionate, dedicated and driven in everything I set my mind to, and love to work alongside like minded people. I am eager to hear about all aspects of your business so we can work together to get the right website for your customers.


I have extensive knowledge of a varity of scripting languages, supported by industry best practices for both server & client side programming. Whether you are looking for a multi-page website, a web app or custom code, I have it covered.

HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript (inc AJAX, jQuery, JSON)85%
PHP 80%
React 60%
C# 50%
Python 50%


Below is a brief summary of my Web Development resume. If you wish to see my entire CV please contact me.


Transferable Skills

Innovative and deadline-driven Web Developer with experience working as part of a team or on my own.

  • Management & team leadership experience
  • Strong level of communication skills
  • Task - orientated and work well under pressure
  • Methodical & logical approach to solving problems
  • Very organised and meticulous attention to detail


IT Career Switch - Full Stack Developer Programme

2020 - 2021

I have recently completed a Full Stack Developers Course with IT Career Switch & CodeCademy, to expand my scripting knowledge and ensure I am adhering to industry best practices.

Bachelor of Science Degree - Mathematics & Financial Management

2012 - 2016

University of Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

During my degree I learnt to code in both Python & MATLAB to create mathematical functions, simulate financial models and solve problems. I quickly developed a love for programming due to its logical structure and the opportunities to solve problems. Gradually I began independently researching more languages and went on to pursue a career in web development instead of finance.

Professional Experience

Freelance Web Developer - Antropy Consulting Ltd

2020 - Present

Crawley, Sussex, UK

  • Installing Opencart sites & mods.
  • Designing custom pages and mods for clients.
  • Working closely with the Project Manager to understand and deliver on all the clients request.
  • Error handling and fixing bugs that have been highlighted by customers.


Check out some of the services I can provide to innovate your business, and help you reach your full potential. Whether you are looking for a full website build or custom scripts I have it covered.

Mobile First Design.

Worried about not being mobile friendly?

I can provide a variety of solutions, from scaling your existing site or building a web app to meet your requirements.

E - Commerce

Put your business in safe hands!

Whether you're looking for a custom e-commerce website or 'off the shelf' installations. I can provide a variety of payment options that will enable you to succeed.

Progressive Web Apps

Looking for a new app for your business?

Instead of starting over, I can transform your current website into a 'Progressive Web App', providing you and your customers with the latest technology and services.

Custom Websites & Scripts

Need some custom scripts created?

With experience in a variety of languages I can advise ideal solutions for all your queries.


The majority of all web traffic now occurs on mobile phones, therefore your site must be practical, presentable and professional on any device. I specialise in 'mobile first' applications that work equally well on desktops. Below are just a few of my completed projects.


A single page web app designed with simplicity and user control at its core. This project specialises in external JavaScript Libraries (Leaflet), API's and Screen Loaders to facilitate interaction and provide essential information without jeopodising the users experience.

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Company Directory

This app is designed for an HR department to successfully manage all aspects of their business. All essential 'CRUD' ('Create', 'Read', 'Update', 'Delete') functionality is included along with appropriate safeguards and security measures to protect the database, app and server. Finally all features of the app were created for a smooth user experience by utilizing a minimalistic layout, call to action buttons and clear response messages.

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Colour Generator

This is one of my earliest creations, it doesn't get much simpler than the 'Colour Generator'. This app was created whilst learning jQuery and manipulating the 'DOM' (Document Object Model) and intended for nothing more. However, it has proven an essential and extremely successful app, regularly being used by other designers.

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Watson Bowl

Watson Bowl is a sports prediction game that I started over 10 years ago. Since its conception in 2010 it has received many upgrades to reflect my abilities at the time. Originally it was set up on Microsoft Excel, requiring manual input and VBA, before being updated onto 'googlesheets' using forms, email and javascript. Since then it has been upgraded twice, first onto its own website and then again into my first Progressive Web App (PWA). The finished product using a combination of Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL and CRONS to provide results in real time. As a PWA users can download onto their smartphones, easily receiving notifcations and updates. The above site is a demo version of the Live Watson Bowl and therefore some functions have been disabled. You can use the credentials below to login and explore.

Email: demo@watsonbowl.co.uk
Password: Test123

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I work closely with my clients to develop a good working relationship and truly understand all aspects of their business. I am keen to hear your ideas, and brainstorm the best solution for your needs. Together we will create your ideal website.

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